Paper Sessions

Duration of Presentation:
Long paper - 20min + 5 min for questions
Short paper - 10min + 5 min for questions

The following papers have been accepted as oral presentations. Best Paper Nominees are marked with an asterisk.

Paper session 1
Healthcare Systems

Session Chair: Byron Wallace
*Seamless design of decision-intensive care pathways Combi, Carlo
* Access Control Model for Cooperative Healthcare Environments: Modeling and Verification Abomhara, Mohamed
* Using Access Control to Mitigate Insider Threats to Healthcare Systems Alshehri, Suhair
Using Electronic Medical Records and Physician Data to Improve Information Retrieval for Evidence-Based Care Wallace, Byron
Learning Optimal Individualized Treatment Rules from Electronic Health Record Data Wang, Yuanjia
Paper session 2
Temporal Analytics Session Chair: Gregor Stiglic
Unsupervised Time-Series Clustering Over Lab Data for Automatic Identification of Uncontrolled Diabetes Rusanov, Alex
* Combining Naive Bayes Classifiers with Temporal Association Rules for Coronary Heart Disease Diagnosis Orphanou, Kalia
* Predicting Clinical Events by Combining Static and Dynamic Information using Recurrent Neural Networks Esteban, CristĂłbal
Linking Patient Alone Time and Provider Time to Staffing Levels and LOS at the Emergency Department: A RFID Based Study Poigai Arunachalam, Shivaram
* Mining Online Heterogeneous Healthcare Networks for Drug Repositioning Yang, Christopher
Paper session 3
Tools to support patient care Session Chair: Thomas Schmidt
* Virtual Standardized Patient as a Training Tool for mild TBI Screening Sakpal, Raghavi
Usability Evaluation of a Pediatric Virtual Patient Creation Tool Cairco Dukes, Lauren
A Patient Deterioration Warning System for Boosting Situational Awareness of Monitored Patients Schmidt, Thomas
Combining mouse and keyboard events with higher level desktop actions to detect mild cognitive impairment Gledson, Ann
A Proactive Solution, using Wearable and Mobile Applications, for Closing the Gap between the Rehabilitation Team and Cardiac Patients Dobrican, Remus Alexandru
Paper session 4
Helping people help themselves Session Chair: Jochen Meyer
* Human Factors in the Design of Longitudinal Smartphone-based Wellness Surveys Vhaduri, Sudip
Extending Agent Based Telehealth Platform with Activities of Daily Living Reasoning Capabilities Jørgensen, Daniel Bjerring
* Forecasting patient outflow from wards having no real-time clinical data Gopakumar, Shivapratap
* Predicting Seizures from Electroencephalography Recordings: A Knowledge Transfer Strategy Wang, Fei
Paper session 5
Activity and tracking Session Chair: Ann Blandford
Peer Influence on the Engagement of Fitness Tracker Usage: A Diabetic and Obesity Study Chen, Yu
Exploring Longitudinal Use of Activity Trackers Meyer, Jochen
“Technology isn’t always the best”: The Intersection of Health Tracking Technologies and Information Practices of Digital Natives Cheon, EunJeong
Going Outside While Staying Inside - Exercise Motivation with Immersive vs. Non–Immersive Recreational Virtual Environment Augmentation for Older Adult Nursing Home Residents Bruun-Pedersen, Jon Ram
#Sleep as Android: Feasibility of Using Sleep Logs on Twitter for Sleep Studies Akbar, Fatema
Paper session 6
Medical Information Exchange, Mining in Networks and EHR Session Chair: Gloria Washington
A Secure Framework For Medical Information Exchange (MI-X) Between Healthcare Providers Ibrahim, Ahmed
Discovering Drug-Drug Interactions and Associated Adverse Drug Reactions with Triad Prediction in Heterogeneous Healthcare Networks Yang, Christopher
A fully integrated open-source toolkit for mining healthcare big-data: architecture and applications Rao, A. Ravishankar
Detection of Chronic Kidney Disease and Selecting Important Predictive Attributes Salekin, Asif
Mining the Clinical Narrative: All Text Are Not Equal Feldman, Keith

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