Poster Sessions

Recommended dimensions of posters are: 106cm (42 inches) wide x 91cm (36 inches) high
The maximum dimensions of the poster are: 118cm (46 inches) wide x 118cm (46 inches). high
Minimum dimensions should be no less than: 92cm (36 inches) wide x 60cm (24 inches) high

The following papers have been accepted as poster presentation.

Poster session 1
1 E-Health Readiness Assessment in Uganda Vincent Kiberu
2 LabLinker: Finding Links of Laboratory Test Results between Structured Records and Clinical Notes Sijia Liu
3 An Interactive Retrieval Framework for Online Health Information Mingkun Gao
5 An Accurate Crowdsourcing-based Adaptive Fall Detection Approach Using Smart Devices Hsuan-Man Chen
6 Patterns of interaction within smoking cessation groups on Facebook: A social network analysis Mengnan Zhao
7 Large Scale Infrastructure for Health Data Analytics Samantha Crossfield
8 Medical Diagnostics Reusable Knowledge Components Morcous Massoud
9 Developing an Intelligent Cross-Facility-Based Therapeutic Decision Reminder Engine Cheng-Yi Yang
12 A Simple, Subscription-based Clinical Result Notification System Thomas Nahass
16 A Data Mining Approach on the Structure of Patient Satisfaction in HCAHPS Databases Masumi Okuda
18 Development of a Medication Information Generator System for Older Adults Hyunggu Jung
20 Mining Nurse Care Data: A Study Case on Pressure Ulcer Prediction Ammar Ghaibeh
21 Dual Clustering for Clinical Care Construction Haruko Iwata
22 Predicting Seizures from Electroencephalography Recordings: A Knowledge Transfer Strategy Jian Liang
23 Comparing SAS® Text Miner, Python, R Arun Jalanila
26 Empathic Virtual Assistant for Healthcare Information with Positive Emotional Experience Hyo Jin Do
27 Mindbot: a social-based medical virtual assistant Ping-Jing Yang
Data Challenge 1 (Team bisakha, NYU Langone Medical Center) Bisakha Ray
Data Challenge 2 (Team HARG, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center) Bum Chul Kwon
Data Challenge 3 (Team Humana, Humana Inc.) Mihir Kotwal
Data Challenge 4 (Team TUT_PHI, Tampere University of Technology) Oguzhan Gencoglu
ichi2016108 SecondLook : Participatory design process to create a phone app that detects digital dating abuse. Roy, Tania
ichi2016114 IT in Health Care: A Business Enabler? Krey, Mike
ichi2016121 Medical Text Simplification by Medical Trainees: A Feasibility Study Choi, Yong
ichi2016137 Hand-to-Mouth Motion Tracking in Free-Living Conditions for Improved Weight Control Giraud-Carrier, Christophe
ichi2016142 Participatory Design of a Pediatric Virtual Patient Creation Tool Cairco Dukes, Lauren
ichi2016145 Visual effect on the odor identification ability of children with Autism spectrum disorder Matsumoto, Sayaka
ichi2016164 Predicting Adverse Drug Events using Heterogeneous Event Sequences Karlsson, Isak
ichi2016174 Evaluation Strategies for Telehealth Implementations Maeder, Anthony
ichi2016186 Communication Patterns in a Collaborative Medication Scheduling Task among Older Adults Kannampalli, Thomas
ichi2016203 Developing Novel Machine Learning Algorithms to Improve Sedentary Assessment for Youth Health Enhancement Golla, Gowtham Kumar
ichi2016205 Evaluating EHR Data Availability for Cohort Selection in Retrospective Studies Harrell, Morgan
ichi2016213 Enhance Network Communications in a Cloud-based Real-time Health Analytics platform Using SDN Izaddoost, Alireza
ichi2016214 Combining Particle Filtering and Transmission Modeling for TB control Safarishahrbijari, Anahita
ichi2016219 Deep State Space Models For Computational Phenotyping Cheng, Yu
ichi2016224 A Platform based on Multiple Regression to Estimate the Effect of in-Hospital Events on Total Charges Zikos, Dimitrios
Poster session 2
11 Patient Care Index as an All-Inclusive Predictor of Health Information Technology Performance Jacob Krive
14 Mutiv: Music-based Mobile Application to Support Joggers Sangwook Lee
15 Secondary Users and the Personal mHealth Record Harry Tunnel
19 What’s in the Store? A Review of Arabic Medical and Health Apps in the App Store Fatema Akbar
24 Towards Informal Caregiver Identification in Social Media Reda Al-Bahrani
25 Efficient Population of Structured Data Forms for Medical Records Using Syntactic Constraints and Intermediate Text Ashley Hollinshead
Doctoral Consortium 1 Creating a Smartphone Application for Image-assisted Dietary Assessment for Older Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Hyunggu Jung
Doctoral Consortium 10 A Physiological Communication Architecture for Distributed Emergency Medical Best-Practice CPS Mohammad Hosseini
Doctoral Consortium 11 Approaches to Brain Games for Maintaining and Enhancing Mental Acuity in Healthy Older Adults: Investigation of performance Enhancement Gloria Opoku-Boateng
Doctoral Consortium 12 Detecting Warfarin and Supplements Interactions in Electronic Health Records Yadan Fan
Doctoral Consortium 13 SecondLook: Detecting digital dating abuse using machine learning techniques Tania Roy
Doctoral Consortium 14 Individualizing Treatment of Patients With Bone And Joint Infections: The Use of Embedded Agent-Based Modelling and Analytical Methods In Clinical Framework Salma Aasassa
Doctoral Consortium 15 New Perspectives on Trust, Findability, and Privacy in Health Social Networks Hamman Samuel
Doctoral Consortium 2 Baseline Assessment of Clinical Information Systems Infrastructure and Functionality in an Academic Regional Referral Emergency Department James Tanch
Doctoral Consortium 3 Human Activity Recognition using Wearable Devices and Sensors Delaram Yazdansepas
Doctoral Consortium 4 Dimension Reduction and Similarity Measures for Temporal Pattern Recognition in Critical Care Catherin Inibhunu
Doctoral Consortium 5 Intertwining Healthcare Knowledge and Processes Francesca Zerbato
Doctoral Consortium 6 Drug Repositioning Based on Heterogeneous Network and Multiple Data Sources Mengnan Zhao
Doctoral Consortium 7 Automatic Workflow Capture and Analysis for Improving Trauma Resuscitation Outcomes Sen Yang
Doctoral Consortium 8 Towards Generating Comprehensible Hospital-Stay Summaries for Patients Sabita Acharya
Doctoral Consortium 9 Link Prediction in Multi-relational Social Networks for Online Health Communities XI WANG
ichi2016109 Healthcare Assessment Questions Automatically Answered Using Non-Invasive, Ambient Sensors Korkut, Safak
ichi2016117 A Multi-Featured Approach for Wearable Sensor-based Human Activity Recognition Yazdansepas, Delaram
ichi2016126 Visual Health Reminder - A Reminder for Medication Intake and Measuring Blood Pressure to Support Elderly People Lederer, Nadja
ichi2016136 Using the CareMap with Health Incidents Statistics for Generating the Realistic Synthetic Electronic Healthcare Record Gallagher, Thomas
ichi2016161 An Accurate Crowdsourcing-based Adaptive Fall Detection Approach Using Smart Devices Tsay, Ren-Song
ichi2016169 eSeniorCare: A Mobile Platform to Promote Well-Being and Communication for Seniors in Independent Living Facilities Dasgupta, Dipanwita
ichi2016172 Sensor-Based Tracking and Big Data Processing of Patient Activities in Ambient Assisted Living Dornberger, Rolf
ichi2016180 Measuring Stress, Anxiety, and Depression in PTSD Sufferers Using Micro-movements From Video Washington, Gloria
ichi2016181 An Iterative Dimensionality-Scaling System for Real-Time Health Monitoring Applications Alshurafa, Nabil
ichi2016188 Should I see a Healthcare Professional or can I perform Self-care: Self-Referral Decision Support for Patients with Low Back Pain Oude Nijeweme - d'Hollosy, Wendy
ichi2016193 Serenity: A Low-Cost and Patient-Guided Mobile Virtual Reality Intervention for Cancer Coping Li, Xuan
ichi2016194 GEAR: A Mobile Game-Assisted Rehabilitation System Wadhwa, Bimlesh
ichi2016221 CoRAD: Visual Analytics for Cohort Analysis Kamaleswaran, Rishikesan
ichi2016140 Analyzing Multiple Medical Corpora Using Word Embedding Vydiswaran, Vinod

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