Attractions in Beijing


The Great Wall

The Great Wall, also known as the longest wall in the world, is 60-kilometer away from city center, is an ancient masterpiece used for defending. With over 2000 years' history, this architecture shows not only diverse background culture and stories in ancient China, but the admirable powerful cohesion in this nation as well. It is said that one would not be a tough guy until he climbs the great wall.

The Forbidden City

As one of the most legendary and mysterious architecture in ancient China, the Forbidden City took 14 years to build and was always the heart since its completion. If you are willing to visit this splendid palace, you will get much nearer to be closed to the enigma.

Summer Palace

The summer palace is known as one of the most luxury buildings in Beijing, also called as Royal Landscape. The classical layout of all the architectures, decorations, designs, together with the rock garden, the artificial lake and all types of woods, can be totally different from city style and seems to be in heaven.

Beijing National Aquatics Center

Originally built for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, the national aquatics center, also known as 'the Water Cube', was designed from the inspiration of soap bubbles. When it comes to the night, the huge water cube starts to be shining as if itself is the center of a crown, giving people nothing but more than just visual appreciation.


Hutong is special lane or alley, forming from another special local architecture structure, siheyuan (a courtyard with several families in it), ranges from 40 centimeters to 10 meters. It's also called 'blind hutongs' for its exact identical appearance: the grey-tiled houses and deep alleys. Don't get lost in it!

Capital Museum

The new capital museum was constructed in 2001, and its design is the perfect combination of classical style and modern art. Taking 'basing on human and cultural heritages to save the society' as its own design concept, it appears to be the museum with magnificent architecture, abundant exhibitions, advanced technology and complete functions. It displays as many goods as you could ever imagine from ancient world up till now.

More tours
There are so many places that are worth visiting. You can make your own schedule according to your time of journey, and you can find all recommendations here with budget.


Beijing Roast Duck

Beijing Roast Duck is a must-eat local dish, which shows a high demand for duck quality, the duck must be well-fed. It will be roasted after several processing steps, and various ingredients shall be compressed into this duck, perfectly combining the flesh and taste.

Hot Pot

Hot Pot is one of the most famous and popular cuisine in China, Beijing Mutton Hot Port is one type of it. Hot pot is a kind of food in which people can choose vegetables and meats and prepare their own food in a big pot filled with a spicy broth.


Refreshment is another spectacular feature in this city. Absorbing different recipes, flavors, and influences in diverse regions in this country, refreshments can always find a way to show their own unique character, matching you with the perfect feast on your taste bud.


Most tourists in Beijing would be fulfilled with abundant cuisines here, however, there are much more snacks that worth a shot, including Mung bean milk, wheaten Cake Boiled in Meat Mroth, Stewed Pork Liver, Fried Beef Tripe, Rolling Donkey, etc. If you have a chance to be here, don't forget that those local specialties are just waiting for you.

Top 10 Beijing Restaurants
If you are seeking for a delicious and delicate cate journey, this website provides you top 10 dining choices, from local palatable dishes to various well-known food series gathering in this charming city. Food here is an extraordinary distinguishing feature with all those history and improvement towards even a tiny specific position or a settled cuisine recipe.

Public Transportation

Public transportation information of Beijing

Beijing Subway was open from 1971, up till 2017, there are 19 lines of Beijing subway, covering 11 districts. In 2016, Beijing subway was capable of conveying over 3 billion people. If you want to be somewhere on time avoiding the traffic, subway is totally a perfect choice.