14:00-14:30KeynoteKenney NG Principle Research Staff Member, Manager, Center for Computation Health, IBM Research
14:30-15:00KeynoteBo Fu, Professor, School of Data Science, Fudan University
15:00-15:15Paper presentationPeiyao Li, Zhicheng Yang, Wei Yan, Muyang Yan,Maoqing He, Qian Yuan, Ke Lan, Jiewen Zheng,Tongbo Liu, Desen Cao and Zhengbo ZhangMobiCardio: A Clinical-grade Mobile Health System for Cardiovascular Disease Management
15:15-15:30Poster Fast Go ThroughPierpaolo Tommasi, Stephane Deparis and Alessandra PascaleHWProfile UI: facilitating the exploration of patient centred risk model
Jing Li, Jing Mei and Shaochun LiAccelerating Clinical Practice Guideline Implementation for Chronic Disease Management
Enliang Xu, Shiwan Zhao, Jing Mei, Eryu Xia, Yiqin Yu and Songfang HuangMultiple MACE Risk Prediction using Multi-Task Recurrent Neural Network with Attention
Pengwei Hu, Shaochun Li, Yu-An Huang and Lun HuPredicting Hospital Readmission of Diabetics using Deep Forest
15:00-16:00Coffee Break
16:00-16:20Paper presentationXuan Zhang, Guangyu Wang, Ning Chen and Ting ChenComputer-aided Diagnosis of Ambulatory Electrocardiograms via ASRS: Active-Selection-Random-Selection
16:20-16:40Paper presentationEnliang Xu, Jing Mei, Jing Li, Yiqin Yu, Songfang Huang and Yong QinFrom EHR Data to Adherence Assessment: An Analytic Framework
16:40-17:30Panl DiscussionTo the challenge of Chronic Disease Management: Achieve patient-centered, integrated medical innovation